Quick Take – Goodbye Gareth (CAGC)

In a stunning developement at Chinese reverse-merger wonder China Agritech (CAGC) issued an 8K filing this morning announcing the departure of top shelf CFO Gareth Yau-Sing Tang.

On January 16, 2012, the Company accepted, effective immediately, the resignation of Mr. Yau-Sing Tang as Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

Of course, it appears that superstar director Gene Michael Bennett is still at the company. One must also wonder how CAGC apologist Jesse Glickenhaus feels about losing such an immense talent as that Crazy Gareth.

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Quick Take – Not all rats flee sinking ships. (CAGC)

In an 8K filing Tuesday morning, see here, Chinese reverse-merger wonder China Agritech (CAGC), the favourite stock of apologist Jesse Glickenhaus, announced the departure of its Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Ming Fang Zhu. This follows the embarrassing departure of Carlyle Group’s Anne Wang Zheng after the shares were halted in March.

What is truly odd is that both corporate director extraordinaire Gene Michael Bennett and top notch CFO, the Triad-linked Gareth, both remain firmly entrenched at CAGC.

In 2006 the SEC caught up with a prototypical Chinese reverse merger company, China Energy Savings (CESV). Turns out that the CESV principals and our own crazy Gareth have lots in common, through their hijinks at Hong Kong listed Prosper eVision. Readers who wish to catch up on Gareth‘s past dealings at Triad-linked Prosper eVision should read here, here, and here. By doing a simple search on the excellent, one can find the following:


The no longer Very Special Committee (CAGC)

Less than a month ago, our good friends at China Agritech (CAGC) issued an important-sounding, but ultimately meaningless press release (debunked here) with quotes from G. Michael Bennett about all the important work the Very Special Committee was doing.

After the close of trading yesterday, the 25th of April, CAGC issued another press release, announcing that the esteemed Gene Michael was no longer on both the Very Special Committee nor the Audit Committee. Fear not GMB fans, as he does remain on the Board of Directors of CAGC, and still has his other gigs at SHZ, CPHI, etc.


And the Winner, by a Landslide: Gene Michael Bennett (CAGC, SHZ, LLEN, GPHG, CPHI)

Thank you to all of the readers who voted in this weekend’s poll. The numbers are in, and the overwhelming victor, by a huge margin, is the one, the only, Gene Michael Bennett.

Now most of you know about his “inactive” CPA status, his fake law degree, his organized crime linked CFO at China Agritech (CAGC), Gareth, and Gene’s association with many fine companies birthed through Richard Rappaport‘s reverse merger powerhouse Westpark Capital.

What readers may not know is that GMB still finds time to party. Check out this photo from a 2010 conference in Hong Kong: business up front (here), and from the AGBA site: party in the back (here). Yes, the mullet. Oh, and in case you are interested, at this undoubtably prestigious conference Gene Michael gave a presentation on, of all things, audit committee best practices. Fox guarding the henhouse? Gene speaking on good governance is almost as ridiculous as Bernie Madoff being the Chairman of the NASD, or the General Counsel of the SEC investing with Madoff. Sadly, all of those things actually happened. Irony. Delicious.


That crazy Gareth (CAGC)

Although it is hard to find a more qualified CFO for a China reverse-merger company than SBAY‘s James T. Crane (read more about him here and here), but CAGC‘s very own “Gareth” Yau-Sing Tang outshines even the mighty Crane.

After all, when superstar CAGC Audit Chair Gene Michael Bennett is minding the house, only the best will do.

Back in 1999, Gareth and a chap named Jimmy Wah-sing Heung were the two directors of a company called Win’s Prosperity Group. Jimmy, it turns out was pretty busy and needed a guy like Gareth around, because according to criminologist T. Wing Lo, his workload included running the Sun Yee On triad.