Twitter Jail Update: Jack and the Twitter Police, so what? – (TWTR)

It’s been almost two months since the @BuyersStrike account has been put into Twitter jail, unable to log-on. Finally Twitter has responded to our appeal, albeit somewhat cryptically:


It is true that we ARE full of hate over here at BuyersStrike! HQ. Hate for scammers, con artists and the sell side shills, lawyers, exchange executives (Hello Adena!), et cetera, who enable them. Perhaps those are a protected class over at Twitter too?

We jest, of course. These rules are just a way for Twitter to silence voices it doesn’t like AND is afraid of you encountering. Reasonable, thoughtful, non-libtard voices. They’ll let the crazies keep talking, that serves the purpose of creating outrage porn. But someone who might actually challenge how you think? JAIL!

Remember what these “conduct” and speech code rules are really saying about the users. The rules are actually sending the message that members of Twitter’s “protected classes” are too weak and too childish to handle reality. Too precious and fragile to handle ideas and words that the powers that be deem to be “bad”. God forbid their precious feelings are hurt. What nonsense. If they cannot handle words, cannot handle ideas, imagine how will they handle the short, nasty, and brutish life that is reality? What do we say to Twitter and their censorship?

We say So What!


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  1. Why don’t you just write back that you recognize their stance are sorry for the comment and link to all the people asking for them to give you your account back

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    [@Jeff – That might be the next step, to show them the support. Very curious as to when the “allotted” but never specified time-out period would actually end. But they will never get an apology. – Editor]

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