Script data, script data, on the wall, who’s the worst bio-dreck of them all? – KERX, GALE, MNKD

One of our favorite things to do at BuyersStrike! HQ is make fun of investors, usually retail, the sell side shills that prey on them, or very inexperienced buy-siders, who use ridiculous jargon like “PPS”, “uplist” and a new favorite “de-risked.”

Many investors seem to believe that with an approved drug a company magically becomes “de-risked”. In actuality, getting a drug approved (or buying an already approved drug) is only the beginning of the struggle for bio-dreck companies, moron management teams, and bagholder investors.

Presented for our, and hopefully your, amusement, is a graph of some of the very worst drug launches in recent memory.

Worst Drug Launches in Recent Memory

Worst Drug Launches in Recent Memory


We have Vascepa from Amarin (AMRN), Silenor from Somaxon (fka SOMX), Afrezza from Mannkind (MNKD), Auryxia from Keryx (KERX) and the re-launch of Abstral from pathetic Galena (GALE).

Amazingly, even with such a dreadful product launch, and a devastating expose by Richard Pearson (read it here), Keryx still sports a 1.05bn market cap. Mannkind still has a 1.5bn market cap. One must wonder, is there an inverse relationship between actual sales performance of a drug and the level of cognitive dissonance in bio-dreck bagholders?

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