“Where Are They Now File” – SEFE Edition (SEFE, PTOO)

It was only a year ago when the Sefe, Inc. (SEFE) promotion was in full swing, and just weeks since Steve Kerr and Michael Quiel were convicted in case that illustrates how they used sham Swiss entities to mask share sales in their promotions.Shannon Kerr left the tattered remains of the company in March. But what has happened to the other players?

We know that “Humble” Harold Sciotto still remains on the board of SEFE. But managing just one junk company is not enough for Mr. Sciotto. So it should be no surprise to see his name turn up in a little Arizona based bulletin board company called Pitooey! Inc. (PTOO). Pitooey!’s CFO is Patrick Deparini. Readers may remember him as the fromer paralegal for Harold Gewerter,and as the CFO of Midnight Candle (MDCL) the shell that became SEFE. In fact, PTOO used to be Patrick’s shell White Dental (WITD). The ties between Harold and Patrick were briefly examined last year.

Another large shareholder of PTOO is the mysterious Mack Crosby Capital Corp. Mack, it turns out, is a company that was only formed a few days before PTOO filed its proxy statement in early January. Sounds an awful lot like SEFE‘s mysterious benefactor Riverbend, LLC. (Read more about Riverbend here)

Riverbend was registered to Craig Goodman, a partner of dirty broker, Quiel/Kerr associate Mark Nevdahl (read more about Nevdahl here). Mack Crosby, following the same playbook, is registered to another gentleman with clear links to Mark Nevdahl, Ross Nevdahl.

Ross, a recent USC student goes by the fantastic Twitter handle of “@ThePumpKing“. (Not to be outdone, Mark Nevdahl also has a Twitter account, @marknevdahl, and naturally he is a “follower” of both Pitooey twitter accounts. Nice to see Mark et fil embracing new stock pumping tech.

Speaking of the Quiel family, they are lurking in the background of PTOO as well. Their Lynn-Cole Capital front sold some, presumably amazingly valuable, IP to PTOO last year. From the late December 8k:

Also on December 24, 2012, the Registrant entered into and closed an Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement (“LCC Agreement”) by and between the Registrant and Lynn-Cole Capital, Corp., an Arizona corporation (“LCC”). In accordance with the LCC Agreement, the Registrant acquired various information, ideas, concepts, processes, methods and Internet domain addresses involving or relating to the text messaging platform “Pitooey!” (“Pitooey! IP”) from LCC. In exchange for the Pitooey! IP, the Registrant agreed to pay LCC an aggregate of $5,000.

How the Quiels developed this “ip” while Mike Q. was preparing for his trial is still unknown.

Ready for a homework assignment? Run this on your favourite search engine: ‘“Jacob Dimartini” and fraud‘.

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