Quick Take – Jury Deliberations to Begin (SEFE)

The Kerr/Quiel trial has moved to the next stage. The jury has been charged and will return to the courtroom in Phoenix on the 9th of April to begin deliberations. From the docket:

Minute Entry – for proceedings held before Senior Judge James A Teilborg: Jury Trial as to Stephen M Kerr (01) and Michael Quiel (02) held on 4/3/2013.The Court instructs the jury as to the applicable law. Four (4) alternate jurors are selected. Jury to deliberate. Two (2) jury questions discussed and written responses returned to them. Jury at recess until 8:00 a.m., 4/9/2013. (Court Reporter David German.) Hearing held 9:02 AM to 4:35 PM.

Amazingly enough, during this whole ordeal the boys, with Humble Harold‘s help, have had time to tee up their latest creation….more to come.

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