The shameless, moronic, Patrick Cox – (STSI)

Act quickly, before this amazing web page (see it here) presented by moron stock tout Patrick Cox (see an awesome pic of Patrick here) is changed, and before the “deal” he is offering expires.

The web page is a breathless, and shameless, tout piece on Star Scientific (STSI), and offers a deal that expires on November 31, 2012. Pity November only has 30 days. Of course, that speaks to the level of due diligence performed by the likes of Mr. Cox. Here is the misdated “offer”:

November 31: Publisher’s Expiration Notice: At precisely midnight, November 31 your only chance to learn how to slow down your body’s aging – potentially adding up to 20 healthy years to your life, and those of your loved ones – and also receive an immediate and guaranteed payment of $1,200 – will permanently expire. No extensions, no exceptions will be granted, so please… consider the opportunity I’m offering you below carefully, and quickly.
Thank you.

Star has been attempting to sell a dietary supplement, to little success, for quite some time. It has been extensively debunked by Adam Feuerstein (here, here, and here). But Patrick ignores all of that, and comes up with his own, incredibly warped, take on reality:

This is the opportunity I’m presenting to you today.

An opportunity to hit the mother lode.

An investment opportunity that could make Viagra seem like a 5-cent gumball by comparison.

It’s also your best chance to live a long and healthy life

Follow the scientific and medically validated recommendations laid out in this email, and there’s more than an excellent chance…

You will prolong your life by an additional 20 to 30 years…

You will not suffer from heart disease, cancer or stroke…

You will not suffer from obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease or even hair loss…

And the chances of achieving wealth and prosperity you never dreamed of will be increased enormously.

My name is Patrick Cox, founding editor of Agora Financial’s technology newsletter Breakthrough Technology Alert.


Recently management and some investors rewarded themselves with a warrant repricing. The warrants, previously underwater, were kindly transformed into massively in-the-money securities. Free money for them, lots of dilution for shareholders. Not long afterwards, Patrick Cox (who has been touting the stock for some time) ramped up his promotional campaign, helped with a tout-assist by John Maudlin.

As for the investors stupid enough to buy STSI based on this nonsense, one can only hope they are not so terminally stupid as to actually subscribe to his drivel.

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  1. I love it. Get a 1200 rebate by sending him 2000 first.

    If there was justice in the world scum like that would be arrested and sentenced to 20 years cleaning mens room toilets with his tongue.

    But there isn’t , so he won’t.

  2. The same tech newsletter idiots at Agora who flogged American Superconductor with extreme negligence in not telling their subscribers that AMSC had was incredibly over-dependent on one MAINLAND CHINESE customer. That’s a red flag for risk, a red flag for IP theft, and red flag for likely unethical customers. Extreme negligence re due diligence.

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