Presenting Lewis Fan, ex-Rodman analyst? (RODM)

A mid-weekend peek at the Rodman & Renshaw (RODM) website shows that, as predicted on Friday by Bloomberg and Dow Jones, the sad excuse that passed for a research group on Chinese companies has been shuttered. Surprisingly, Amit Dayal is still listed as an employee, but the name of another Rodman Chinese analyst cheerleader is missing. Mr. Lewis Fan is nowhere to be found on the RODM website now, but here is a link to a cahced copy of the old site. Your author also captured a copy of Lewis‘ coverage list as of the 14th of October. It is a who’s-who of reverse merger wonders, not one of which Lewis thought was a sell.

The list is a cheerleading performance rivaling Matthew Kaplan‘s love of Repros Therapeutics. There is Irving Kau’s SEED, Bryant Cragun linked SCOK, Christopher Wenbing Wang‘s GSI, Zhongpin, a stock even Global Hunter doesn’t love, and even Jesse Glickenhaus‘ favourite stock Crazy Gareth and Gene Michael Bennett‘s China Agritech. Full list after the jump:

VALV  US Shengkai Innovati market outperform 3.00 09/28/11 -85.59% -85.59% 0.00%
SEED  US Origin Agritech Lt market perform 09/20/11 -72.60% -36.30% -36.30%
SCOK  US SinoCoking Coal a market perform 09/19/11 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
CGA     US China Green Agricu market perform 09/16/11 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
JRJC    US China Finance Onl market perform 09/01/11 -49.30% -24.65% -24.65%
GSI      US General Steel Hold Under Review 08/18/11 N/A -29.41%
ALN     US American Lorain C market outperform 5.00 08/17/11 N/A -36.77%
CHGS  US China GengSheng M market perform 08/16/11 121.53% 121.53% 0.00%
WWIN US Winner Medical Gr market outperform 8.00 08/12/11 N/A -48.42%
XIN      US Xinyuan Real Esta market outperform 7.00 08/11/11 -37.44% -37.44% 0.00%
CVVT  US China Valves Tech market outperform 10.00 08/09/11 -67.85% -63.44% -4.41%
HOGS US Zhongpin Inc market outperform 19.00 08/09/11 -59.17% -47.07% -12.10%
CHOP  US China Gerui Advan market outperform 11.00 08/09/11 -52.92% -50.71% -2.22%
YUII    US Yuhe International Under Review 06/20/11 -86.63% -86.63% 0.00% 1s
SUTR  US Sutor Technology G market outperform 5.00 05/10/11 N/A -2.06%
CAGC US China Agritech Inc dropped coverage 06/15/11
YONG US Yongye Internation dropped coverage 04/13/11
PUDA  US Puda Coal Inc dropped coverage 04/11/11
FEED  US AgFeed Industries dropped coverage 3.60 10/18/10

If the OWS protesters really want to clean up the financial world, shouldn’t they start by Occupying Rodman and demanding that every banker that brought these abominations to American markets, every researcher who failed to do even the slightest bit of real due dilligence, and every manager be fired without a penny in severance? How Rodman has even a single client left is baffling.

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