Quick Take – Lawrence G Schafran Wakes Up (SBAY)

Asleep at the wheel septugenarian director of such stellar companies as SulphCo (SUF), SecureAlert (SCRA) fka RemoteMDx,  and James T. Crane‘s Subaye (SBAY), Lawrence G. Schafran, has finally woken up.

In an 8k filed on the 31st of August, SBAY revealed that Mr. Schafran has resigned his seat on the board of Subaye. Since he joined the board in November 2009, the shares have gone from $15.00 to a current price of 21c. Excellent work Larry.

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  1. I found the previous shell company for YONG in their SEC filings but couldn’t find one for CAGC or HOGS. It should be their earliest or close to earliest 8-k right? Also there aren’t any SEC filings on yahoo finance and I don’t have a subscription to EDGAR so I couldn’t search. I guess I’ll search the SEC site directly, if that doesn’t work got any suggestions where to find them for free? Any opinions on motley fool? I remember they had been promoting HOGS awhile ago and the research I’ve read by others, or poring through filings, is not encouraging, which is dimming my opinion of motley fool. Keep up the good work, I suspect you’ll have a following of the same size and caliber of Bronte and Jeff Mathews before too long.

    1. @kyleak

      Look for an 8K filed 2/2/06 for Strong Technical aka Zhongpin. Tenkwizard.com is a pretty good tool, but it does require a subscription. Otherwise, try going to Edgar directly.
      For CAGC you will find the Basic Empire shell 8K filed in February 2005.

      Motley Fool, like Seeking Alpha, is only as good as its contributors. Some of the stuff is ok, most is junk.

      Happy Hunting!

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