Quick Take – Kevin Theiss’ Very Bad Day (CHBT)

In the excitement over yesterday’s 8k from China-Biotics (CHBT) revealing the fake web site scam, read about it here, your author skipped right over CHBT‘s second 8k filing of the afternoon. In it, CHBT discloses more about its delisting notice from NASDAQ.

The delisting is a tardy, albeit expected, and by CHBT standards, tame, development. However, attached to this 8k is a press release, read it here, that is quite fascinating. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and readers will see the re-emergence of blogger-threatening, Chinese reverse merger Investor Relations superstar, Mr. Kevin Theiss.

China-Biotics, Inc.
Email: ir@chn-biotics.com
Kevin Theiss
Phone: +1-646-284-9409
Email: kevin.theiss@grayling.com

it was quite a surprise to see that he is still employed by Grayling. Read about Kevin‘s other clients, like delinquent China Automotive (CAAS) and shameful China Agritech (CAGC), along with his Very Bad Week, here.

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