Weekend Update – GMB Edition (SHZ, CAGC, CAEI, CPHI, KUN, etc)

On March 10th, in response to a bearish report (read it here) on China Shen Zhou Mining (SHZ) (one of Gene Michael‘s stable of companies) put out a silly “Letter to Shareholders” available here. Just a few days later, SHZ‘s CFO suddenly resigned.

One of the more interesting parts of the letter was the attempt to downplay Gene Michael Bennett’s resume-padding. While Gene Michael‘s false claim of law degree was found in China Fire and Security Group (CFSG)’s public filings, the braintrust that is SHZ management tried to play it off as a simple typo in a press release:

“Fact: Mr. Gene Michael Bennett did not graduate from the University of Michigan. Mr. Bennett never said he did. There was a mistake in a press release by China Fire and Security, which was resolved.”

That assertion is simply laughable. Kevin Theiss, whom do you think you are fooling with such nonsense? Not only was GMB‘s fake law degree included in SEC filings by CFSG, but his claims to hold a JD also show up on the website for one of GMB‘s other penny lovelies, Providential Holdings (PHIE), where he is listed as:

Gene Bennett, CPA, JD, Business Development Officer – Asia

Check that site out, and take a screenshot for posterity. On the 23rd of March, Absaroka issued a follow-up report on SHZ, which was found here. Enjoy.

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